Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

{one} Saving
Remember my savings goal for the year? I found the best way to save money is not to shop. Genius, I know. Since I haven't been shopping I have been falling in love with all the things that I already have, wearing the clothes that are in my closet and entertaining myself with puzzles, organizing and meal planning. I am falling back in love with Cooking and my family is eating up all that I am serving! Henry ate 3 plates of beans and rice the other night and two heaping servings of Roast! (He might be going through a growth spurt, though... 

{two} Shopping my Closet
Remember my thredup addiction? Well, I had to quit looking at the app because every time I would I would find amazing deals and there was always a coupon! (Frist time shoppers get 40% off their entire order and  Here's a $10 off coupon

That Northface Jacket was $9.00, it was mislabeled as Northcrest. 

So instead of shopping on thredup, I am just shopping my closet and wearing all the things I already have and I'm having the best time finding oldies but goodies that are hidden. It's a big lesson on contentment. 

{three} The Cleanse
I shared the other day about the cleanse I did and lost 3 pounds (now 4). It was a great way to reset my body and sugar cravings after the holidays. 

{four} Baby soft Feet
My friend Marci told me about this foot peel that she tried and loved. It gave her baby soft feet. I told Jonathan about it and he agreed I needed baby soft feet and stuffed my christmas stocking with this foot peel. 

{five} Wesley's Hair
Before Wesley, we had 2 dobermans. A Doberman is a low maintenance dog but they shed like beasts. I haven't found a single Wesley hair in my house and that makes me love him even more! But he does have to be groomed and when he is groomed He comes out looking a little ridiculous... But look at that face! I asked the groomer to do a pom on his tail and it's super cute! Going from a Doberman to a poodle has been a big change! 

That's it. 
God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Weekly Happenings- Waiting Room, Bible Study and Smoothies.

 The kids were out of school on Monday and we had a fun day at home. Jonathan was also off of work and we spent the day eating, movie watching and cleaning grout. If that isn't fun, I don't know what is...

Tuesday, Julie picked me up at 6:40 and we headed to Dallas. Our Bff's son was having surgery on his throat to close a hole from his cleft lip/cleft palette, this is his third reconstruction surgery. He might be the toughest kid I know.

Speaking of the toughest kid, one time Henry and Hayes were having a playdate at our house. The boys were upstairs playing. It got quiet and then they came down holding a cabinet door from Henry's armoire. Somehow they were jumping from the bed to their pillow fort and they broke a door off. It was easily fixed. Later that night Pam sent me a text of Hayes' head and it had a giant gash on it- Sorry, he didn't complain or cry... I'm not a very good babysitter...

Julie and I sat with our friends for the two-hour surgery and offered inappropriate stories and distractions.
We love this mama bear.

We especially love this guy. 
(Pam, I didn't ask permission to post these. I just did. I'm sorry. Brain Cancer- can't be mad) 

Wednesday, we were missing our awesome leader so we sent a group picture. (Pam is our leader.)
I'm still loving the smoothies from my cleanse. (I blogged about the cleanse on Tuesday.) I'm still doing a smoothie in the morning and a lot of green tea and water. I'm not being as restrictive as cleanse week but am watching what I am eating and trying to eat as much real food as possible. Shouldn't be that hard- if it's not in a box its real... (I'm down another pound, too) 

 That's it. That is our week so far. Add in laundry and homework and you know as much as I do!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The green smoothie cleanse

I did a cleanse last week. It was a great way to reset my body and get rid of all the sugar cravings! I lost 3 pounds, 2 inches from my waist and an inch from my hips. There is a definite difference in my stomach, I have a before and after picture but I'm not willing to post bare belly pics here. The bloat and top layer of fat from my stomach are gone. 

So what did I do? 

I see a local doctor and she has developed a cleanse called The Caire Cleanse
You cut out-
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Processed Sugars
  • Artificial Sweeteners

I drink 2-3 smoothies following her recipe-
2 handfuls of kale
2 handfuls of spinach
3 romaine lettuce leaves
2 sticks of celery
half an apple
half a pear
half a banana (I use a full one)
half an avocado
juice from a lime (or lemon)
cup of water (or more)
2 cups of ice

I combine all the ingredients in my Vitamix. (I was gifted a Vitamix from my mama, to make jbost smoothies after his diagnosis... we joke that she loves him more than she loves me, which isn't far off...) You don't have to have a Vitamix, any high power blender will work. I used to do this with my Cuisinart but instead of an ice cream consistency, I was still chewing my smoothie...

Along with the smoothie, I drank green tea, it has cleansing qualities...

You can read about the Caire Cleanse here for more details.

The first time I did this cleanse I lost 6 pounds but I was also exercising in addition to the cleanse. My friend lost 4 pounds this round too.

Besides the weight loss, I can tell a difference in my sleeping. energy levels, and sugar cravings.

We plan to do it again! Enjoy. If you have any questions, just email me!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekend Review

We had a do nothing weekend, which is our favorite. Jonathan and I could be described as extroverted introverts- WE NEED OUR PEOPLE! and then we NEED some alone, lazy, pajama days. Lucy is an extrovert through and through, she asked maybe a million times why we were alone and who was coming over. She then tried to plan a dinner party and wanted us to invite all of our friends and their kids. She NEEDS ALL THE PEOPLE, ALL THE TIME! 

When I said no to all the people, she just wanted a smoothie. An apple and banana smoothie. 
Lucy: Mom, will you make an apple and banana smoothie for me?
Me: No, I just cleaned the kitchen...
Lucy: Manna would do it for me.
Me: Maybe you should ask your Manna.
Lucy: When I have kids I'm never going to do anything for them! I'm just going to say, "No! Go ask your Grandma Mary!" 

Lastly, Wesley got a haircut... He looks ridiculous but we love his poodle-do. 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weekly Happenings

I love a routine. Yesterday bible study started for the semester and I am so excited to pick up where we left off in Romans. I am also so excited to be with my group again. I love that our group is established and vulnerable with each other, I love broken people... I love when people share their brokenness. Jesus shines the brightest through these broken people and it is so beautiful. 

Last night, Henry had his TOTs Performance. Tots= Teams of Tomorrow. It is a little basketball class that his school offers and he begged me to let him join. His class performed at the Texas Legends half time and it was too cute. Henry was mostly interested in the cheerleaders... Because they are so beautiful... He spent a few of the halftime performance just waving at them.

Henry, Do you want to be a basketball player? No, I want to be a cheerleader man. That way I get to play with the cheerleaders...

 "Lucy, take a picture with me!"


We are the embarrassing parents...

Tots time.
 Henry is in the very back, second to the end.

 Before we left we measured our wingspan.

Jonathan is 6 feet tall. This guy is huge.

Other weekly happenings-
Morgan and I loaded up two SUVs full of furniture and supplies for one of our Christmas families. My Tahoe didn't have a single empty space.
The green smoothie diet/ cleanse is still going strong. - day 4! I'll share my results and recipes next week. My favorite chemo card was also received last week but I forgot to open it... 

Wesley heads to the groomer today. I saw one of the kids wipe their nose on him yesterday... It's time for a good bath and shave... 

 I hope you are having a good week!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Three more things...

1. The Cleanse
Yesterday,  I was so tired and so hungry! This morning I felt full before my shake, my belly is less bloated and I don't feel tired. I struggle in the afternoon with my energy levels. I know by day 4 I will feel amazing. I'll share my results next week. Last time I did the cleanse I was down 6 pounds and could see my abs- all 2 of them... I  know a person who lost 20 lbs during their first cleanse. 

2. The Great Christmas Puzzle. 
I started working on this before the new year. My sisters and mom have helped and I finally finished. It was only missing one piece and had 3 Wesley eaten pieces. I returned it to its box and am thinking about my next puzzle adventure. 

3. Bible study starts today. Praise the Lord!!

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Two Things I know...

1. I am doing a cleanse this week along with some friends... So far, so good. Basically, I drink green smoothies and eat lots of veggies. No gluten. No diary. No meat. No alcohol. No caffeine. (I have coffee because I love coffee... but also drink green tea because it's allowed...) I finish on Sunday and will let you know my results. A cleanse is a good way to jump start your diet and to rid your body of toxins and sugar cravings. I'm not a healthcare expert, things I don't know the answer to- I make up so do your research...

2.  I dropped Henry off at school yesterday and he jumped out of the car put his backpack on and said, "Bye, mom. I'll see you after school." And I almost broke out into tears! That is my baby. He is growing up. He is going to kindergarten next year! I'm already having a hard time with that.  Why do my babies keep growing up?

That's it.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it.