Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Review: Lucy's 8th Birthday and more!

We celebrated Lucy's 8th birthday on Saturday! I can't believe my little newborn, colicky baby is 8 years old! My how time flies. When she was born and I realized that she cried a lot, I was 95% sure I birthed an A-hole. I'm happy to say that she is the finest child that I've ever met. Full of personality, joy, empathy towards others, people pleaser, funny, good friend and she loves Jesus. (She's an elementary school evangelist as well) Every age is my favorite with this child but 8 is the! Here's a few pictures from our weekend + last weekend.

I took dinner to a friend who has a new baby and then got to hold the lovie. I don't miss the baby days but man babies are so sweet!

Last week we saw the secret life of pets. My favorite part was during a fight scene, Henry stood on top of his chair and started throwing punches and cheering on the violence...

Lucy can't decide if she is a little girl or a big kid... She loves to snuggle and be rubbed on!

Saturday, Lucy and I got dressed up and went on a girls date. Our first stop was the nail salon for a mani/pedi.

Kendra Scott gives a birthday discount to all of its costumers. Since Lucy and I both have July birthdays we took advantage of our 50% off discount.

After girl's day, we went back home to get ready for Lucy's family party. She requested homemade lasagna and icecream cake.

Love this sweet girl.

I took this picture and realized it looked like we were advertising for the container store. We were not...

I made this kid wait all day to open her presents.

Showing off her new jewelry. 

The Birthday girl received a lot of shopkins! I don't get shopkins but she loves them!

Sunday we stayed home from church to let Daddy sleep. This chemo week has been rough. The kids enjoyed resting and playing at home with mama.
Wesley enjoyed resting.

Then we did some drawlering- Drawing+Coloring (Henry speak)

Lucy's new art box from her birthday!

That's it. That was our weekend!
Come back tomorrow fora look at my Thrifty Finds!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Favorites: Birthdays, Thrifts, and Office Tour.

one. Birthday.
My birthday was on Wednesday and I listed the 32 things I've learned in my 32 years.

two. Lucy's Birthday.
Lucy's birthday is tomorrow. My baby girl will be 8 years old. How did that happen? The past 4 years have gone by fast- the first 4 years were pretty slow...

three. Thredup.
Have you heard of thredup? My friend introduced it to me! She kept finding the cutest clothes for her, her daughter and her son! Y'all know I love a good deal! If you sign up here and make a purchase you get $10 off. Also, You get 40% off on your first purchase. I've been searching for the perfect selection for my first purchase! The inventory changes often!

four. Consignment
Speaking of consignment. I've found some great finds on my last visit to the thrift shop. Next week, look out for Thrifty Finds Tuesday. Here's a sneak peak.

Now's the time to do thrift shopping because moms are home and they are cleaning out the house!

five. Chemo
Jonathan finishes round 12 of chemo tonight. He's been doing it for a year and we have one year left to go. HALF WAY. He told the doctor that he wished he didn't have to do chemo for two years... and before anyone could answer I said, "While we are wishing for things, I wish you didn't have brain cancer...." Sometimes I think out-loud... It wasn't very supportive.

six. Presents.
Remember when I told you it was Lucy's birthday tomorrow. Well, ms. Lucy found all of her presents... "Mom, I just saw 2 of the shopkins you bought." She is just like my sister, Laura. There wasn't anything in the house that Laura didn't know about. She used to spider-man up a wall into our attic and tell everyone what they were getting for birthdays or Christmas.

seven. Office Tour.
I'm linking up with KellysKorner to share our office. It's the least interesting room in our house because I haven't done anything with it... But you can see how we live real life.

eight. Wesley the Parti Poodle.
Wesley is going to the groomer today! Update after his first haircut! Is that not the sweetest face?

What are your Friday Favorites?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

32 things I've learned in 32 years...

It's my birthday. I'm 32. To celebrate I thought I would share 32 life lessons that I've learned so far.  Maybe you have some to add.

1. The days are long but the years are short.
I'm still 16 right?

2. Start moisturizing at an early age.

3. Everything is good in moderation.

4. I'm not big on moderation. If a little is good than a lot has to be better.
This isn't good advice.

5. People will sell you things when you are most vulnerable.

6. Don't shop on an empty stomach.

7. Raising puppies is harder than raising babies.

8. Having a baby earlier in life was the best decision God ever made for me. 24 year old Mary had more energy than 32 year old Mary.

9. Invest in friendships.

10. Wash your face every night. Your skin will thank you.
This is something I really implemented in the past 3 years.

11. Your mama loves you unconditionally and you will turn into her..

12.  Don't buy cheap shoes.
Y'all know I'm cheap but I do invest in quality running shoes and Tevas...

13. Don't be like everyone else.
I don't follow trends. I don't wear things that are this season. I'm not cookie cutter.

14. Embrace your curls.

15. Wear Red.

16. Give compliments.

17. Be nice. Most people are A-holes. Don't be an A-hole. Like Tim McGraw says, "Be humble and kind."

18. Don't honk your horn in the bad part of town.
Jonathan would tell you not to blow your horn at all but I don't always listen to him..

19. Don't procrastinate.
I'm still working on this. It usually doesn't take long to do a dreaded task. Just do it.

20. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

21. Exercise. Eat well. Drink Water and Sleep.
Essentials to life.

22. Give up bread by twenty and limit carbs.

23. Eat light mayo.
I learned this from the show Friends. It taste the same and your pants will fit better.

24. Tell those you love that you love them.
I try to do this every conversation.

25. Hug your kids.
I may make bad parenting choices but my kids will know they are loved with all the hugs, kisses and I love yous.

26. Marriage is hard. If you are having problems before marriage, those problems will be magnified by 10 once you are hitched.
For us, Marriage is easy. Life is hard. So marry someone you can do hard things with...

27. Marry someone who makes you laugh. (it's a plus if they are good looking)

28. Don't do home projects with your significant other... This may only apply to Jonathan and I...

29. You don't always get what you want...

30. It takes 21 days to build a new habit. You can start on a day other than Monday. Start today!

31.  Communication is key.

32. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one can go to the father except through Him.
Know Jesus. Not only will it make your afterlife better it will make your daily life better. You can do anything or get through any situation with Jesus by your side. Trust me, I know. I've done life without Jesus and I've done life with Jesus. It's a lot easier with Jesus at your side. (If you don't know Jesus, I'd love to talk to you about him. That could be your birthday gift to me, letting me share JC with you.)

What life lessons would you add?! 
(I really want to know... ) 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorite: Show Us Your Life: Guest room/ kids' room

It's Friday and I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner Home tour! Today we are showing our guest rooms! Since we were gone last we I am also sharing the kids rooms. 

Guest Room: 
I love having a space for guests! Our guest room is a hodge podge of leftovers. I keep the room very simple to not overwhelm my guests- that's what Martha says to do. I do shove as much as I can in the closet though... I call it my rhea lana closet. 

The bed, nightstand and armoire was the old master bedroom furniture. We upgraded to a king size bed and have loved all the non-touching room. The rocker and ottoman were in Henry's nursery.

The bedding is from Dillard's new years day sale, 4 years ago. The duvet is from world market but I bought it at an estate sale. (I washed it on the sanitary wash before it hit the bed)

I store all the kids toys that I don't want them to have access to in the armoire. When they don't ask about them, I slowly phase them out and sell them!

Henry's room:

All the rooms in our house are a work in progress. His room is slowly coming together.
Henry was really into cows, then trains and now dinosaurs. Do I love character things? No. But I sure do love Henry.

Henry's bed is his crib converted into a full size. I laugh and say it's his crib turned marital bed. 

Some of Henry's favorites: 
Dino Bedding Here
Our sheets are from pottery barn kids but these are super cute.
Dino sheets

Look at these sweet pillows. The one on the bottom was a gift for Henry's birthday party!

Long neck pillow

I bought Henry's rug at a garage sale for $20. It is from pottery barn. (Have I mentioned that I find the best stuff at garage sales...) This is a look alike.

Dino Head

I might add this guy... 

The kids each have their own vanity area
The Bathroom opens up to Lucy's vanity/closet area. 
Lucy's room. 
Most of Lucy's room is left over from her nursery. I just keep adding things to it to make it age appropriate. Here's a nursery image. 
The Bed and dresser was mine when I was a kid. The bedding is a mix of pottery barn and target. The rug is from my rug sale spree! Curtains are target. Art is original. Poddle is Wesley.

Thanks for stopping by our Guest room and Kids' rooms today!