Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites


Sometimes, I get so blown away by this little girl. She is wonderful and I'm glad I get to be her Momma.

These two are my favorite too!


Lucy has her Jackie Robinson presentation today. The kids could dress up if they wanted. Of course Lucy told me she needed a professional uniform and bat... I almost had a friend help me make one with her cricuit but then the teacher told us that some kids wear a hat and call themselves baseball players. We ditched the Pinterest ideas and went OLD SCHOOL and made our costume. We had more fun coloring and taping together!



Spring has Sprung! I worked in the yard yesterday pulling up dead plants from planters and cleaning up our back patio! I just need to pressure wash the patio and the cushions and plant the flower pots. I'll wait until mid April to plant. Whenever I plant early we always have 1 to 2 more freezes!


I've read 4 books this month. That's more books than I've read all of last year. I forgot how much I love getting lost in a good fiction book. I just started Tina Fey's Bossy Pants and it is hilarious. Someone loaned it to me 2 years ago and I'm just getting to it...


It's shorts season in Texas... meaning I'll be putting a coat of tan on my legs. I'm trying the Rodan and Fields Self Foam Tanner today, I'll let you know how it turns out. I've used the Coppertone and loved it because it goes on flawless and it's cheap.

That's all my Friday favorites! Thanks for stopping by Trust Without Borders.

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can Fix It.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Weekly Review

 This week... It's been rough. We went to the Dr. Jonathan had a great report. I had bible study which refreshed my soul. We've had soccer practice and I've been doing gala stuff....

Speaking of the Frisco Family Services ...

You can look up information here... Gala 2017- ONE directly supports the mission of Frisco Family Services, bettering the lives of our neighbors who are facing hunger, homelessness and other urgent needs to improve their quality of life and achieve self-sufficiency.  Be a part of a COMMUNITY that CARES, and CHANGE LIVES today.  

I'm always surprised to hear about hungry kids in Frisco because it's such a place of excess, I love supporting FFS and serving on the team to fight local hunger and supply the needs of the community.

Speaking of the gala.... 

Rent the Runway- My goal for this month was not to buy any clothes for anyone because we don't need anything... But we have a gala coming up this weekend. Instead of buying a cocktail dress I rented one... for $30 and I had a coupon code to rent one get 2 free. I was able to get all of my jewelry free and an extra dress! I have a coupon for you to get $30 off your first rental! There is also a rebate from ebates for rent the runway.

Speaking of ebates- I've already earned $30 from online purchases. Super easy to use! You can sign up here and receive $10!

Tonight there is a silent auction at Lucy's school. I was told to wear real clothes and my makeup and I probably would want to do my hair curly for it... I guess Lucy thought I would go in my pajamas...

That's it...

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A list of 5 things...

1. Jonathan had another great, stable scan yesterday! Praise the Lord. 

2. I took a 2 hour nap yesterday after Jonathan's appointment because 1. I am exhausted. 2. We have had a rough 2 weeks. 3. My mom had Henry. 

3. I got my hair cut on Monday by my favorite person! I like my stylist to really work for their money so I had her straighten my hair... Henry told me I looked terrible and he likes my crazy hair instead. 

 4. I've been using Rodan and Fields for a month and I can tell a big difference in my skin. I really feel comfortable going makeup free and it's because my skin looks even and healthy. My friend Julie can hook you up with the right skin care. Her site- email her-

 5. Speaking of skin care. I've heard people rave about this clairisonic Mia 1 and I saw a coupon to get it half off at (code- 50PERCENT). I'm going to add it to my skincare routine.

That's it.

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekend Review + Weekly Plan

||Weekend Review||

I started the weekend with a 9:30 call from the school nurse. I picked this kid up and we headed to the doctor and then to lunch. 

Thankfully nothing was wrong that couldn't be fixed. We spent that night at the volleyball game.

 We've had the coble kids this week while my sister is in Canada for my nephews 13th birthday trip.

 Saturday we had a busy day of games. Lucy had a volleyball game and soccer game and Henry also had a soccer game. We stopped by costco to grab snacks for Henry's team and had a quick, cheap lunch.

 Preston and G-daddy showed up to Henry's game and cheered him on.

 G-daddy is trying to brainwash Preston into being a Bama fan. It wouldn't be the worst thing...

We rushed to volleyball straight after Henry's game. The Grizzly Bears won their game!

 After volleyball we rushed to Lucy's soccer game.

Sunday G-daddy took the girls to the live simulcast of Madame Butterfly at the CowboyStar. They didn't get home until 10:45.

||Weekly Plan||

||To Eat||

Beef and Noodles
Taco Soup
Baked Ziti


-bean burritos
organic mac and cheese
fruit: apples and oranges

Snacks and sides
Orange slices
Veggies + ranch
Boiled eggs
Peanut butter apples
Cottage cheese with apples or bananas
zone bars- 10 grams of protein!  (and it taste like a cookie) 

Oatmeal + apples or bananas
Hardboiled eggs or Eggs in general
Cinnamon Toast

||To Do||

Hair Appointment
MRI downtown for Jonathan.
Finish Bible Study
Frisco Family Services Gala finishing touches
Attend Gala

||To Study||

Romans bible study

||Prayer Request||

Prayer- Jonathan has an MRI tomorrow. That we demonstrate Jesus through our words, behavior, and character. 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

||Weekend Reivew|| Circus Trip

||Weekend Review||

I didn't mean to not blog last week. I meant to document the week in real time.... Well, here we are...
Let's do this backward and start with the weekend. 

This last Friday we packed up and headed to the airport to catch a flight to Cincinnati, Ohio. We planned a trip to Ohio to visit the circus.Actually, my dad planned this trip for him and the grandkids and thankfully mom made him invite us too!

It's the last year for the Ringling Bros! I'm so thankful that my kids were able to see the last greatest show on earth! It really was great, better than I remembered, even without the elephants. It was almost like a broadway but better, since there were tigers, poodles, and clowns.

Our Trip In Pictures:
Friday AM Flight. 

 Friday we decided we would go to the creation museum because online they said they had a life size arc! When we got there they said that it was 40 miles away... So we wondered through the creation museum and we all agreed it was the scariest place and not appropriate for kids... I'm all about Jesus but this was not my cup of tea!

 Jonathan thought this looked like Papaw.

 After exploring the museum we headed to our hotel to rest and then it was dinner time. After dinner, we decided to wander down to Graeter's ice cream since we heard it was so good! Verdict- Raspberry chocolate chip was the

It's not a fun trip unless swimming is involoved.

 Saturday we enjoyed a diner breakfast and then headed to the show.



Dinner to celebrate G-daddy's birthday!

Henry and Preston loved having a sleep over both nights.
And just like that, it was time to go home! I love getting to spend time with these guys and explore new places.

 Side Note- The airport had a kids play area which is a genius idea.

 These two were the best travelers!

 It was a fun trip and a great way to end spring break! Back to regular life this week!

The End.