Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Men

Jonathan helped me come up with a Men's gift guide and I'm excited to share. Everything can be found on Amazon for easy shipping purposes! 

(Jonathan picked this out...) 

(and this..)

Jonathan is always writing notes in a journal- bible notes, computer notes, things to remember... 

Jonathan said this is the ultimate gaming laptop that he is saving his pennies for, I looked at the price and said, "no, but I love you..." 

too bad you can't find these anywhere! They are normally $50... 

These are for nerds... Jonathan links our home alarm system to this raspberry pi and we can monitor our house while we are away. 

This is Jonathan's favorite book he has ever read. It is also his favorite gift to give. If you have ever received one of these and not known the sender- IT was Jonathan! 

It's the gift that keeps giving. 
You will enjoy it too!

This would be the most amazing gift to give someone who doesn't already have prime. We love the free shipping! I order dog food and have it delivered to our house!! You can also subscribe and save on things like paper towels, toilet paper, coffee, paper plates and have it shipped to your door every month or every other month! We also watch free movies, listen to free new music and you can even borrow kindle books from the library. It pays for itself! 

Stocking Stuffers

Yeti- pack of 2 for $36.00
One for Him +One for you

Happy Shopping! 

Affiliate Links were used in this post. If you click on or buy from a link above I may receive a small commission! Thank you for supporting Trust Without Borders. 

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Favorites

Books, Jesse Tree, MRI scans, Giving and more....

I've missed doing Friday Favorites. I took a momcation a couple of weeks ago and have had a really hard time getting back into the groove of blogging!

|one| MRI

Jonathan had an MRI on Monday. We are so thankful he had another great stable scan! We are set to start Round #17 of chemo on Monday.

|two| Giving

Morgan (my bff) and I are in charge of planning our girl's events for our fellowship class at church. Since we have free reign we have incorporated mission projects into our parties. This holiday season we found two single momma's to love on and I'm so excited. I signed up for laundry and cleaning supplies and the kids and I had more fun shopping!

Aldi and the Dollar Store for the win!

 |three| Jesse Tree

I went to my third and final Jesse Tree party. Why do I have three sets of ornaments? Last year my kids dropped a box and broke half of them. I need to pull out my glue gun and fix them but I now have a shiny new box to enjoy! I wanted my kids to have a box each to enjoy now and inherit later.

These are the two books I use for Jesse Tree time. Ann Voncamp picture book and The Advent Jesse Tree.

|four| Elf on the Shelf

I can't remember to move this guy... He has been sitting here for a week now. Usually, Lucy remembers and moves him for me!

|five| Christmas shopping

Jonathan locked me out of Amazon Prime because he has been using it to Christmas shop and I've had to go to stores like the olden days and browse... I'm working on a men's gift guide. My sweet husband helped me with all the tech gifts.

That's it.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Weekly Happenings + catch-up

I'm a little behind.
We spent Thanksgiving with my family. Sister Laura cooked up a storm and all we had to do was show up and eat. I did bring a dessert and savory sweet potatos but it doesn't compare to the amount of work sister did.

Speaking of Thanksgiving work, Lucy worked hard on her thanksgiving shirt.

 After we filled our bellies we scoured the ads for the best Black Friday Deals. We didn't' really find anything but did make a Thursday night trip to the Walmart.  I found all the seasons of Little House on the Praire for $6 each!

 Addison enjoyed all the Nutella.

 Friday the kids were a little stir crazy so I took them out for hot chocolate and ice cream. Friday, I also started and finished the new GIlmore Girls and all I have to say is - GIVE ME MORE!!!

Nothing like matching pajamas.

 Sunday, we went to sisters to have a PIE PARTY. Which is just a fancy way of saying we ate leftover thanksgiving pie and ordered pizza. We also hit up Dillard's and while we were gone we got updates and pictures from two little girls...

In return they received pictures like this...


 Flash Forward to Tuesday... Henry and I enjoyed a date to the mall. We have outgrown strollers and upgraded to a shopping wagon... I just keep this in the back of my car and that way I am always ready!

 I love Henry "pisses".

Tuesday night, Lucy's soccer team scrimmaged the #1 8-year-old boys' team to get ready for their tournament this weekend. Our girls went undefeated this season and won first place. I'm so proud of their hard work!

That's it. That's all we have done lately.

I'm working on a dad's gift guide for tomorrow or next week. Jonathan helped!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Weekend Review: Momcation

Early Friday morning, my sweet husband dropped me off at the airport and I made my way to Arkansas to spend the weekend with my Arkansas Bestie, Marci. We had plans to eat, laugh, and junk shop. 

My ride to Northwest Arkansas. 

 After landing in Arkansas, Marci and I headed to downtown Bentonville to see how the square has changed and to do a little boutique shopping. We ran into Walton's 5 and 10 shop which I haven't been into in 20 years... But there is a cute little gift shop at the front with lots of throwback toys.

We walked the square and then had lunch at Tusk and Trotter where I downed a full-sized hamburger and plate of fries. (momcation you can eat whatever you want!)

Next, we ran to a few thrift shops where I racked up on cheap matilda jane, under armour and pyrex bowls. Marci found a load of Brand New Ralph Lauren pullovers for next to nothing...
 After our junk shopping adventures, we ran back to the house just in time to go with Joseph to riding lessons.

I love my life in Texas but I sure do miss the beauty of Arkansas.

 After riding lessons, we got ready for a little girl's dinner.

 Marci and I downtown.

 We ate at Table Mesa on the square, which was one of my favorite restaurants in town mostly because of the cheap dates. I could eat them all day every day. It was so nice to sit and laugh with a group of ladies and talk about all the mom things- kids, cooking, recipes, the instant pot vs. the power pressure cooker xl, Aldi, and oven-cooking vs. Microwave cooking.  Thanks, Mendi, Kelly, Elizabeth, and Marci for the fun night.   I might have called Kelly, KellysKorner more than once...

 Marci knows my love for Rick's Bakery and had some ready to go!

On Saturday we loaded up and headed to Praire Grove for a day of junk shopping. I couldn't help myself and took pictures along the way. I really miss trees and hills!

 I also took some Christmas inspiration pictures at a couple of the shops.

 I found this amazing table in Praire Grove and tried to get Marci to buy it because it was amazing. It was probably 12' long! Someone go and buy this!

 I haven't found white queso in Texas either...

Love this girl. Once upon a time, we went to lunch together with 18 month Lucy and as we talked Lucy rubbed sour cream all over her face and then proceeded to get up and run around the restaurant... And Marci still wanted to be my friend!

I might steal Joseph. He is well mannered, hard working, a little serious and a little silly.

 Saturday Night we drove down the to the square with Braum's ice cream in hand and saw the lights.

 Saturday night we put on our Best Friend shirts and watched Alaskan frontier.

 Sunday we welcomed the new Bull to Bar over 3 Farms, moved some cows and banded a bull. This cow business was new to me but Marci and Craig (and even Joseph) were professionals.

 When I said that we moved cows and banded a bull I really mean that I watched and drank coffee. By the way, if you don't know what it means to band a bull I encourage you to google it.

 Sunday after all the cow work we ran to True's Treasures and on our way saw my old house where I grew up.

Monday morning Marci drove me to the airport and just like that my momcation was over. I felt refreshed and renewed and ready to see my family. Marci is quite the hostess and her family is just the sweetest. She also is quite the cook and has renewed a new interest in cooking for me. (and organizing and parenting... laundry... basically she is great at everything!) She inspires me.

My husband picked me up at the airport and greeted me with a hug and kiss (love actually style). He missed me. My kids were not ready to leave Manna and Aunt Laura's care. But we are all back together and enjoying the week off of school.

Happy Thanksgiving!

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it.