Monday, October 6, 2008

Emma's Baptism

So Jonathan, Lucy and I finally got up, got ready and all went to church! Finally, it was so nice first to get out of the house as a family and secondly get to go to church again. We were especially happy to be at church to see Emma Grace get baptised! Emma looked so beautiful in her gown and the service was wonderful. At the beginning of the service the children's choir dedicated a song to Emma Grace and I cried. (I'm embarrassed about this now but I thought it was so sweet)

Lucy did great during the service. We made it about 40 out of the hour and fifteen minute service! She really did great. She fell asleep and she would have stayed asleep but the choirs were pretty good and people clapped and Lucy would wake up. She finally had enough and during the prayer Lucy voiced her opinion, so we went to the parlor. So, we missed the sermon but Daddy (Jonathan) caught us up.

A side note.... Lucy was sitting in her swing the other day and Jonathan and I were eating. Lucy looked around and said, "Aye (which sounds like Hey) Aye, Mary".... Jonathan and I looked at each other and I said, "did she just say my name" She then said it three more times! It kind of freaked us out. I think what really bothers me about it beside it's weird for a two month old baby to be forming or mimicking words is that she called me Mary not mommy. So from now on I call Jonathan Daddy and he calls me Mommy but only when Lucy is around!!

Anyway, Back to the baptism... of course I would forget to charge my camera battery so I have no pictures! Maybe I can steal some from my sisters blog.

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I am so sad that we missed Emma's baptism. I see that Lucy was able to "barely" wear those little crocheted Mary Janes. I am glad you stretched them on for at least one time. :)
Aren't they the 2 cutest little girls in all blogdom!!!