Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Lately, Lucy and I have been going on stroller walks. I have learned that she loves to ride in her stroller without the car seat. I think it is because she can see where she is going.

Yesterday, Lucy, Manna and I went shopping. I have been looking for something to where to Jonathan's high school reunion this weekend and have not really been successful. Right now I'm going to where a potato sack, I think it would be quite flattering. Oh well. (side note: there is a reason why they only want you to gain 30 pounds when you are pregnant, the first 25 comes off right away...I wish I would have listened)

Some more news.......
1.Lucy is on the verge of laughing, she has this high pitch squeal that she does and then goes huh huh.

2. My parents are moving to Baton Rouge and we are so sad. My dad was offered a job there and he plans to work there for 3-5 years but knowing my dad it will probably be 10 years and then they plan on moving back. They are keeping the farm, which we all love, and the Coble's are going to move into it. I am excited that they are going to move into the house, it would break my heart if my parents sold it and this way we can have our weekly pizza night over there still! I am also so excited that my parents get to start a new adventure and it doesn't make me sad because I know they will be back and they will visit all the time.

Lucy getting ready for our walk.
So happy!
Lucy with her Manna, they are always talking
Lucy thinking hard about something...
Lucy getting ready for her bath(I couldn't rotate this picture)
Lucy so happy in her bath time. I highly recommend the fisher price bathtubs, Lucy loves hers!



I was so excited to see new pictures. It means so much to a long-distance Grandcookie!! The picture where Lucy is laughing brought tears to my eyes. She looks so much like Jonathan in that one and the way you describe her laugh sounds exactly the way he laughed as a baby. I HOPE her voice isn't as deep as his was!! :)
I can hardly wait for this weekend.
love and kisses,

Delta Bost said...

I love Lucy's bathtub pictures! She looks so cool, calm and collected- she is a pro! She is adorable!
I can't wait to hear her laugh! See you for Ole' Miss!