Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lucy's Room

I'm really proud of Lucy's room and I haven't shown any pictures yet. I thought this would be a good opportunity since one I have pictures and two Lucy is asleep and I have time to upload them. Anyway... here is her very girly pink nursery. We still have a few things that we want to do like hang this really cute wall growth chart on the wall and I want to add some shelving above the green shelves to put my doll collection that I have given to Lucy but she is not allowed to play with and maybe hang some curtains. I haven't decided I think there is still time....yes I know most people want their nursery's completed before the baby arrives but not me. Everything is a work in progress.... When I think things are done that's when I get the best ideas and so it is a never ending process!

This is Lucy's Bed with those beautiful letters that Laura's friend Candice made for us.

I love the big window in this room! I'm so glad I talked Jonathan into giving up his study so Lucy could have it for her room.
I love the animal watercolor picture above the changer!
Here is a glimpse of her bedding with some animals we keep in it.


Unknown said...

Lucy I love your pink room and I love the way your mom relaxingly gets things done. I wish I were as calm and patient as your mom. I love you, Aunt Laura

P.S. tell your mom thank you for clicking on my ads.

Unknown said...

Lucy tell your mom she has really great advertisements on her blog. She even had pottery barn one show up. And tell her I clicked thru all of them at least twice. Hope she makes lots of cash. I love you little girl and can't wait to see you very soon - it will probably be Halloween!!! And you will probably yell at me when I try to hold you but we will keep at it until you love me again. I think you just hate that I had to go back to work so now you yell at me every time I try to hold you. I still love you like you were my own!!!! Tell your mom I said hello. Love, Aunt Laura