Monday, October 6, 2008

She did it!!

She did it, she finally rolled over today. We were having a little tummy time with Miss Emma Grace today and Lucy decided that today was the day.... and she rolled over on her back. I am so proud of her. I hate to see her grow but I love to watch her do new things! Everyday is an adventure and I look forward to each new day and what it might bring!

The girls, Laura and I got to enjoy each other this afternoon. We spent a lot of time in Lucy's room playing with all of her stuffed animals and reading most of her books! It was such a fun day but everyday we get to spend with Laura and Emma is so much fun and so special.

Lucy and Mommy, reading Five silly monkeys..... she really likes the puppet that goes with it.
Emma Grace and Lucy
Aunt Laura with Cousin Emma
The girls looking at the tummy time cards!
Emma really enjoyed Lucy's black and white tummy time cards!

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My friend Claudia was so excited to see the girl's reaction to the black/white pictures. She printed off the pictures for her co-workers to see. She is a Parents As Teachers instructor.

They both look like they are reading!!! which I'm sure they will be any day now!