Saturday, October 4, 2008

TailGate Party

Today we went down the road hog park to tailgate with GrandCookie, Papaw, Uncle Dennis and Aunt Delta. We always enjoy seeing them when they are in town and we especially love supporting the hogs! (even when they are bad... we are true fans... well.... really I just enjoy dressing Lucy up and eating the delicious food) We were able to spend the whole afternoon there. Lucy's day consisted of three feedings, six diaper changes, three outfits (spit up and a blow out), two naps and the rest of the time she got to visit with everyone!! Here are some pictures from our Tailgating adventure!

Lucy with her gigantic bow!
Lucy with GrandCookie
Lucy with Aunt Delta
Daddy and his phoneLucy in her third outfit of the night, which was a present from her GrandCookie. Thank you Grandcookie and Papaw!
Look at the ruffles on the pants.

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Unknown said...

Too cute Lucy - we missed seeing you yesterday.