Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Weekend

This is just a reminder for myself.... Jonathan and I went on our first date since having Lucy. Yes, it only took us three months! Manna offered to babysit and I jumped on the opportunity to get out for the night. Jonathan and I went to Does in Bentonville to get a steak. I'm not sure what we use to talk about before Lucy but the two hours that we were out the conversation revolved around her. By the end of the meal I was ready to go get my baby. Isn't that silly, two hours and I missed her so much. Lucy got an A+ from her Manna. Manna said that she didn't cry or scream (which she usually does) but instead she just looked around (mom said she had to change positions like 100 times, I think Lucy might be a little ADD) and they laughed at her monkey rattle and then took a bath, after her bath she wanted a little bit of a bottle and then she fell asleep. I was amazed, I think mom might have been lying because Lucy never just falls asleep but it was encouraging to see that she doesn't always need her Mom. (Manna said it was the Johnson and Johnson Bedtime Wash that put her to sleep, we use it every night in our Fisher price bathtub so I don't know if that was her trick)

Another Story....

I now do my grocery shopping on the weekend where Jonathan can watch Lucy and I can go to the store by myself to get everything that we need. I didn't make it there this week so yesterday Lucy and I went to Wal-Mart. I have taken her to Wal-Mart once before and she screamed the entire time we were there. So I was hesitate to take her yesterday but we needed dog food and stew ingredients. I am proud to say she was great. She sat in her car seat and just looked around. She did start to cry when we were checking out but that was okay. Can you believe it 30 minutes in Wal-Mart without crying!!!! She is growing up.

SO, if you mention brands in your blog sometimes the brand will show up in your ads, just testing it out.

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