Thursday, November 6, 2008

I might have over reacted...

Last night I woke up to a terrible hale storm. I swear the house was shaking and we were about to lose the roof. So I jumped up and ran down the hall (as I'm running Jonathan yelled "Go get Lucy") and I ran in Lucy's room. Lucy was laying silently awake but she was just as wild eyed as I was. I picked her up and we ran to the master closet. As soon as we got in there, IT STOPPED! It Stopped just as fast as it started! So we laid in our bed and watched the local news, they said there were some really bad thunderstorms that was producing hale over Centerton and was moving towards Missouri. So, after we knew that we weren't going to lose the house and the roof wasn't going to blow away I had the joy of putting Lucy Bear back to bed. So from 1:00 to 2:30 we were up. She has been doing a good job of sleeping through the night, as have I, so last night was not fun. She finally went to sleep at 2:30 and we all got to sleep in until 7:00.


Char said...

I don't think you over-reacted.
You were just acting like a responsible adult and parent and protecting the precious gift that God has blessed you with.

Ebull said...

After reading this yesterday, last night I had a dream very similar to it. Except it was snowing, and planes were flying or tumbling right over the house. But we weren't in a house I recognized. And I needed a hair cut. Anyways.

I love you