Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lucy goes to Manna's

Tonight we had our last family dinner at Manna's and G-Daddy's until Thanksgiving. They leave tomorrow for Baton Rouge until then. I think after Thanksgiving Dad will go back and Mom will stay until after Emily goes back to New York for her spring semester. So we will just take it one day at a time. Lucy had a great time tonight. I can't say the same about Emma Grace. Tonight was the first time I have ever heard Emma cry louder than a peep and I hope I never have to hear it again. (She stuck her hand in some lobster bisque while sitting in her mommy's lap) It was so sad. Anyway, I am sad that my parents are leaving tomorrow but I will be Thankful when they come back.

Anyway, we had so much fun tonight. Lucy is trying so hard to make bumble bee noises or some people call them raspberries. You know the noise with your lips. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Jonathan and I were doing it to her and she would laugh and then she started trying to do it. She ended up crying because she couldn't. It was so cute. We hope to get it on video and I'll post it.

Here are some pictures from tonight!
A few people tonight told me that Lucy looks just like her Pap-paw, I don't see it, maybe it's the hairline.

Lucy went right to her G-Daddy and didn't cry at all. I was proud of her because that is not like her.

Emma looks shocked to see me and Lucy looks like Manna is Crazy. (manna is holding them up)

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Funny that someone told you tonight that Lucy looks like her Papaw, 'cause Pam Young just emailed me tonight to tell me that she thinks she looks like David. That is rather puzzling, since most people don't think that Jonathan looks that much like him. Anyway,she looks very much like herself......a very CUTE self!