Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Weekend!

The past week in a nutshell:

Thursday-spent the day at Manna and G-daddy's and enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast with them and the Coble Family. (we missed you Emily)

Friday- Laura and I got up at 3 to go shop the sales. (nothing was worth getting up that early)
For the past 2 weeks I have been pumping milk in preparation for this day. Mom was going to babysit and we weren't sure how long we were going to be out so I wanted to make sure I had at least a days worth... I ended up with about 16-18 ounces. Well that morning we left around 4:15 and we arrived at walmart at 5. It was so crazy, we could barely move inside it was so crowded with buggies and people and pallets of goodies. I'm not sure it was worth saving 10 dollars over but we enjoyed the thrill. We were out of walmart at 5:25. It was the fastest trip! So after walmart we went to Target. Target didn't open until 6 so we had a little time to wait. We waited in the car and watched all the people line up outside the doors. There was a line from Targets front doors to Kohl's front doors. It looked like a Disney land line. We did not stand in line because it was cold and we didn't want to. So at 5:58 we made our way to the front doors and walked straight in. I feel bad about being a line cutter but not too bad. After Target we went to the mall and after the mall we decided we were pooped! We were back home at 9:00 a.m.!! I couldn't believe it. I just knew we would be out until 6 that night. Oh well, turns out I didn't need any of that milk that I pumped Lucy only ate about an ounce of it.

Saturday- we decorated for Christmas at our house and Lucy got to try out the baby carrier. (see picture below) and that evening we went over to Manna's for a little pizza party. We had a great time.

Sunday- This morning I woke up and saw that it was snowing! So far that is our only news!

Here are some pictures from our weekend!

Lucy and Emma, Lucy had on a thanksgiving dress but I decided PJ's would be more comfortable to spend the afternoon in. I have some pictures of her in her dress but I'll have to steal them from my sisters blog.

Lucy and Emma holding hands!

Jonathan and Lucy trying out the baby carrier!

Emma Grace on Sunday

Lucy in my favorite winter dress! I'm afraid she is about to out grow it though, the panty hose which are my favorite part are a little tight!
Lucy and G-Daddy, they were watching the BAMA game. Lucy loves her G-daddy. I think it is because he is so calm and patient. They walked around and talked to each other for hours the other night!
This is our doberman with snow on it!
This is our neighbors house but you can see how much now we got this morning!


Unknown said...

Lucy I love you and I miss you a bunch - even though you always yell at me when I try to hold you and talk to you. One day we are going to be best friends – since I am striving really hard to be your favorite Aunt. Love, Aunt Laura

Char said...

I love all of your pictures! I had to do a double-take and then laugh when I first looked at them. The way that Emma Grace is laying on the dotted blanket - well at first glance - the tan dots look like extentions of her ears! I initially gasped - I didn't remember her ears looking so big! When I looked closer I could see that they were DOTS not ears! ;-)


I love the picture of Jonathan with Lucy in the baby carrier. Look carefully and you can see Lucy giving it a big THUMBS UP!

Char said...

I see the THUMBS UP! How cute is that!!!
Looks like a pretty comfy ride too.
Wonder if I can get one of those carriers so that John can carry me?