Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tailgate Party!

Yesterday we went down to the road hog park to do a little tailgating with GrandCookie, Pap-Paw, Uncle Dennis, Aunt Delta, Mamaw Faye, David, Clamencia and Lauren! We had a lot of fun. Lucy was not in the best mood since we discovered she has thrush again and she is teething. I know, my baby is growing up! I can't believe how fast time has gone by, tomorrow she will be packing up to go to college.

Here is a picture of GrandCookie with Lauren. Lauren is the sweetest girl ever, she runs up and hugs everyone she meets!
Here is a picture of Lucy just relaxing.


Unknown said...

My little Razorback….. I love you and can't believe that you are already getting teeth. Let me know how it goes when you bite mom for the first time. Love, Aunt Laura


I am sad that tailgating is over with for the season. And it's hard to imagine, but Lucy will be running all around the Roadhog park by next year! So glad that you all enjoy coming for the Razorback parties!