Friday, December 5, 2008

6 years, 2 dogs and a baby later.....

December 5 is a special day for us it marks our 6 year anniversary. We had our 3rd date/first kiss 6 years ago today. I remember it like yesterday, Jonathan came to pick me up from my dorm (yes dorm) and we went to eat at noodles ( i think... in my defense I can't remember what I ate yesterday either) and then we went to see the new James Bond movie!! To celebrate we are going to watch a movie in our pjs and eat some chicken lasagna! We are high rollers I know. I wish I had a picture of us from our first dating days on this computer. Oh well!

Here is a picture that we took in Venice while on our Engagement Trip!


Char said...

Your sweet family is precious!
Love and Hugs,


How romantic!!! I would think this is a wonderful love story even if you weren't my own kids!!!

By the way, Mamaw Faye and I think Jonathan resembles his Pop-Pop a lot in that picture.