Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby Got Back.....

Today Lucy wore her new furry sweater with the cutest matching corduroy pants (or bibery pants). I'm so glad I pulled it out of the closet today because even though it says 9 months we are about to out grow it. We may get another wear or two out of it and then we are going to pass it along to Emma Grace.

Funny Story, Lucy has outgrown a lot of her clothing. Like the 3-6 month stuff I bought for this winter last year. So we have been giving things to Emma Grace. My sister Laura has bought Emma Grace clothes that she thought she would be in now 6-12 months, so they have been giving clothes to us. It's nice having a cousin and sister near by!!

Anyway, back to Lucy's new outfit. She seems to like it!

Isn't she sweet!?!

This is where the baby got back comes into play.. I guess they are baby hip huggers and well crack showers.
Zoomed out.
Isn't that cute!! I promised Jonathan that when she was older she would not be able to wear clothes that showed off her booty but for now it's pretty cute!!


Unknown said...

Lucy – I can’t believe that your daddy let these pictures make it to the web…… They sure are cute but I still can't believe them. Love, Aunt Laura

The Bost Family said...

You have to admit that is the cutest plumbers crack you have ever seen!