Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This morning we went to have Breakfast with Santa at the church. We had a lot of fun. Lucy got to have her picture taken with Santa..... She was determined to pull his beard off and I just knew she would and then we would hear 100 kids screaming about how we ruined Christmas and how there wasn't a Santa. Good news... the beard stayed on!!

I'm thinking this should be our Christmas Card.... with the following greeting.....

Have a Crappy Christmas!

Love, The Bost's
I may send some of these out so just know it's a joke!
Lucy looks like she has been hitting the egg nogg a little too hard in this picture!

We also went to see the Christmas Lights in Fayetteville. It has become a little traditions since Jonathan and I have been together. I am looking forward to doing it with Lucy every year!
It was cold and there was too much to look but Lucy seemed to have fun!

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I love the "Crappy Christmas Card" idea. It's hilarious!! I love the look on Santa's face!