Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sleeping a little less.

Last week I thought I was the best mom ever!! Lucy was sleeping 13 hours and taking 2 2-3 hour naps per day and for some reason I thought it was my accomplishment. Well this week Lucy has been getting up at least 1 time a night and has not been taking naps. Today she took 3 45 minute naps. I should have known that it was not my doing but instead Lucy is going to do what Lucy wants to do. I just hope maybe she will decide that sleeping is cool and she would like to do more of it.


Char said...

She will love to sleep more AND later when she is a teenager.
No need to worry!


Papaw Doofus' office staff came for a Christmas dinner at our house tonight. Two of the ladies had looked at the most recent blog pictures and wondered if Lucy was walking yet. When I told them she was not quite 5 months old, they were astonished. They think she looks much older. So I told them that she is not walking, but she does call out for her "DAD" when she wants to be picked up.
It's only a little more than a week 'til I can hold that baby girl! I can hardly wait!