Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Something New.

Today after talking to my sister, Laura, I tried just laying Lucy in her bed when she starts to throw a fit. I did it twice today. After 10-15 minutes of crying she went to sleep. It is actually easier on me and easier on her if I just put her in her bed and let her cry a little than to try to rock her to sleep. (she usually screams at me for 30 minutes and then goes to sleep) It has been a pretty good day.

ALso, Lucy loves her JumpARoo. Today she would bounce in it and then look at me for approval like is this okay momma. She was so cute!! Thanks Again Grandcookie!!



I'm glad she loves her jumperoo. Maybe it will help use up all that energy she has.
I'm also glad that she is old enough for you to be able to just put her down when she throws her "tired fit". For all the rocking that you and everyone else has tried.........it has never been her cup of tea. I think that she just needs her "crying time" to release some energy so she can sleep. Way to go Momma Mary!

Unknown said...

I like your new header - how did you do that?