Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Carrots..Mmmm good!

Tonight we tried a some carrot cereal... sounds good doesn't it, or not. She really enjoyed the new taste. As you will see from our pictures below. 

Mmmm... can't wait to see what's on the menu for tomorrow. Maybe some Prunes in our Cereal! Yum Yum!!


Delta Bost said...

Lucy you need a bath! I think you have carrots all the way to your ears! I bet I know some doggies that will clean your up quick!

Julee said...

Lucy is getting so big!!! We need to have ya'll over and I want you to bring her so I can play with her!
Thanks for the sweet compliments on my blog. Hope you have a great week!!


Lucy the carrot eater, my my.......did any go inside or is it mostly on the bib? By the way, Freddie Jolley brought several more Lucy bibs from her Lucy. Looks like I should go ahead and mail them up there. I would like to give that little carrot-face a big kiss right on her messy cheeks!