Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lucy and I took advantage of the wonderful weather today and went for walk. We walked all around the neighborhood and then to the Centerton Pond where we sat and watch some ducks. Lucy seemed to enjoy it. I should have brought my camera- maybe tomorrow. After our walk it was time for Lucy to eat some cereal and carrots... yum. After she ate it was bath time and that is where the pictures come into play. 

Lucy after her bath, For some reason she has more hair on one side of her head. 
This is after I combed it, Isn't she sweet! If you are wondering about the white streaks on her face that is from the lotion. 
I like to part her hair all to one side. If you knew Jonathan in Jr. High or have ever seen a picture of him during that time this is how he would wear his hair. 
This face cracked me up. 
Lucy with her daddy. She loves when he comes home! She yells for him to pick her up and then they talk and coo and laugh together. 
Tomorrow is a big day. Lucy turns 6 months old!!



Please tell that precious doll Happy 1/2 Year Birthday from her Grandcookie!! My friends who see these pictures tell me how her personality just jumps out of the pictures. She is so full of life and joy!!! We are still trying to figure out when we can get up there. It's really starting to seem like a long time since we've seen her, although it's only been a month. Love and hugs to all of you!


I looked at the "hair" picture again. Are you sure that Lucy hasn't gotten hold of some scissors and whacked the right side of her hair off? Funny!!