Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lucy's Highchair.

I ordered Lucy's highchair last night. I was surprised to see that Walmart started carrying the Rittenhouse collection. Our carseat and stroller are from the Graco Rittenhouse set but had to get it from a specialty store here in town. (actually it was a gift but I might have helped picked it out, thanks mom and thanks Laura for the suggestion). ANyway, it should be here in a week or sooner. I'll post pictures of Lucy in it when we get it. 


Julee said...

I love that pattern! I have seen it before but not on the highchair! Very cute!! Are yall without power? We somehow still have it! If you dont have it you can pack up and come to our house!!

DeAnna said...

too funny ...it's like we're on the same life schedule! James and I ordered Brenner's highchair last Sunday. It was on the porch waiting on us last night! Thank goodness....we needed it soooo bad! I love Rittenhouse...I have that car seat and stroller pattern too:)