Monday, January 26, 2009

Snow Day

Let's see. Nothing eventful has happened lately. Jonathan did get to come home early today due to the weather. But before he came home he went to walmart. I always love it when he goes to walmart because he come home with some of the funniest things. Thank goodness he doesn't do the grocery shopping.  Tonight he came home with some pj pants, flashlights(which we needed), scented candles, bugles, fudge stripe cookies and throw blankets... he said they were all necessities incase we were stuck at the house for a day or two. He cracks me up! My favorite thing that he brought home was a box of hello kitty bandaids for Lucy. I guess it was funny because she was only 6 weeks old. :) 

So, tonight we are just enjoying some tv. On monday's we like to watch that show Big Bang Theory (because it is about nerds), How I met your mother, Jon and Kate and those are our regulars. You know it has been a slow blogging day when you talk about the tv shows you have watched. 

Speaking of tv... I saw a commercial today for the pinnacle hills church about a sermon on families, I think Jonathan and I might check it out. Yesterday Jonathan and I had great intentions of going to church but after Lucy had been up 3 times that night we decided not to. 

Okay that's it.... I hate to post without a picture of Lucy but I didn't take any today. Maybe we will get some snow and I'll put her in her snow suit and post that for tomorrow!


Julee said...

I just laughed out loud over what Jonathan brought home from walmart! Also Matt and I go to Pinnacle Hills often. We should meet sometime and go together! We like it because it starts at 11! They have a wonderful children's program too. I have peeked in there before because it looks so fun! Let me know if yall plan to go this weekend!

Mary Keller said...

Mary! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Im new to the blogging world, so Im so glad you found it. I have loved reading your blog as well. Lucy is absolutely precious! Congratulations and Im glad to hear you are doing well. I loved your family's Christmas card this year as well and cant believe how grown up everyone is.