Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Play Time

Today was day three of the snow/ice storm. We spent all day inside. It has been a little boring at home because Lucy slept most of the day and Jonathan was working from home but we made the most of it. Tonight we had a little family play date in Lucy's bedroom! She is getting better at tummy time. She doesn't scream the entire time anymore. 

I love this little face. (well i love the whole little person but look at that face!)
She has become the sweetest kid in the world!



I love her little face too. I just need to see it in person and our calendar just keeps filling up!!! That cabbage patch doll looks like she will be "well-loved".

Unknown said...

So sweet my little Lucy!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww! That is a pretty cute little face! It made me smile :D