Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Catch Up.

For the last couple of days I've been thinking about things to write about for the old blog. I usually just post some pictures and talk about how cute Lucy is in them.  I still don't have anything to talk about but I hate that my blog hasn't been updated.

So I guess I will just update you on our weekend.

Saturday- we spent the entire day at home. I cleaned the house and Jonathan picked up dog poop in the back yard. (exciting I know, but it has to be done) That night my mom came over to watch Lucy while Jonathan and I went on our Valentine's date. Before mom got there Lucy had fallen asleep and I hated that because we didn't get to explain that we were leaving and that manna was there to watch her. (silly i know, but it matters to me) Jonathan and I went to Crabby's. I don't recommend it. We both had the Lobster and it was okay but it had way to much Parmesan cheese on it. Also, the mashed potatoes had too much garlic on them. But what really killed the whole Crabby's experience for me was the dessert. We ordered dessert to go. When we got home we opened up our chocolate cake and it was the size of an Oreo cookie. We looked at our dessert, looked at each other and then ate our Tiny Tim dessert. We were both angry and really disappointed. Anyway, I forgot when we got home Lucy was up with Manna still and as soon as we opened the door Lucy jumped three feet in the air (we scared her) began crying her little heart out and wouldn't quit until I sat down on the couch with her. We sat there for a little while and she just laid her little head on my chest and wouldn't move. This was really sweet because she hates to cuddle. So in the end it was an excellent Valentine's Day!!

Sunday- We didn't do anything. We played with Lucy. Lucy now loves to roll. She rolls from one end of her room to the other end. It cracks us up. At first she could only roll to the left but now she has mastered rolling to the right!!

Monday- Lucy, Jonathan and I ate lunch with Dennis and Delta at the local Chickfila. We loved seeing them!! I'll have to get the pictures from Delta. (maybe she will post them on her blog, hint hint!) After Lunch we went to see what Manna was doing and ended up running some errands with her. We went to the Jane, MO Walmart, an antique store and Lowes. I bought some shelves for Lucy's room to put my Madame Alexander doll collection on. We have to start baby proofing soon and I thought I would put the dolls up high so little hands couldn't get them. 

Tuesday- Lucy and I hung out at the house. 

So now we are caught up. I have to get to cleaning again. GrandCookie is coming to town tomorrow. We are so excited. Lucy hasn't seen her in two months!!


Unknown said...

Lucy it sounds like you guys have had a busy last few days. Tell your mom and dad that I hated to hear about the whole Crabby's experience. If you would also tell your mom that we need to get together this weekend. Uncle Ryan is on call so we could all 5 get out and do something together if your schedule will allow it. I love you and have missed seeing you. Aunt Laura


Laura, I think that sounds like a great idea! I can hardly wait to see you and Emma also. I haven't seen her since she was tiny!! or tinier than she is now. Next to Lucy, she looks very "dainty".

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

how old was Lucy when you started feeding her the mixed cereal and veggies?