Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Early Valentines Day!

Jonathan came home tonight with a little surprise for Lucy and I. We made a deal not to do presents for Valentines day only cards and we would go out to eat. So I was a little mad when he said he had a surprise for us. He got Lucy a teddy bear with balloon and he got me some cupcakes. HAHA! They are for both of us. 

Here is Lucy holding her little package. Don't mind me, I'm not wearing any makeup but you can almost see my new hair cut. I cut it to just a little above my shoulders. (to keep little hands from pulling it)
And on the subject of love, here are our dobermans. They love each other. 

Also a couple of first happened today. Lucy drank apple juice out of her sippy cup today. She has been a little constipated since we started eating bananas so I thought we should speed things up with some juice. She really liked it. 

I was holding Lucy and we were talking and she was getting a little fussy and I asked her what was wrong and she looked at me and said mama. I have heard her say mama before but usually she is looking at the dogs or Jonathan. Today she said it to me!! It's been a good day!



Awww....sweet story. I'm glad that Lucy's daddy got her something for her first Valentine's day. I like your hair that length. It enhances the curls, I think. I love the doggie girls picture too. They DO love each other.

Unknown said...

Jonathan is such a good daddy. And I love your hair.