Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Emma Grace: Day 1

Emma Grace has been sick with a double ear infection. So guess who got to keep her for the past two days! Yep, your right, AUNT MARY! I have really enjoyed keeping her both of the girls have been great. Yesterday they were on opposite schedules so when one was sleeping the other was awake and vice verse. Here are a few pictures of the girls playing together!



These are the cutest pictures ever!! They are just precious together. I see Lucy trying to steal Emma's pacifier in one of the pictures. Her dress looks pulled out from where it was pinned on. So funny!

Cindy Watson said...

those girls so adorable. how much fun they are going to continue to have together.

Unknown said...

These are the best pictures Lucy. I just love your pink room – it is so happy and girly. I love you very much. Aunt Laura