Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Weekend Part 2

Saturday we woke up to snow!! Lucy was so excited because she wanted to wear her snow suit!! Saturday night we went over to The Coble's house to eat Chili and to have a farewell dinner to Manna. My parents are moving to Baton Rouge (Actually my dad has been there since Thanksgiving). We are sad to see my parents leave but we know that it is just temporary. Five years they say. We are looking forward to visiting though!!

Sunday we woke up early and went to early service at the church and after the service we brought Lucy to the nursery and we went to Sunday School. This was our first time to go to Sunday school! We were excited and a little nervous ( I was nervous, Jonathan is never nervous). It ended up being great and I already knew a lot of the women who were in it from my women's group I've been going to for the last year. We are definitely going back! Lucy also enjoyed nursery. I almost cried when I dropped her off. It is the first time I have left her with someone other that family. I was glad that Lucy's big older cousin Emma was there so she wouldn't be nervous. She did great, they said she cried a little and then was fine!!

Here are some pictures from our weekend...
Lucy in her snow suit!
Lucy jumping
Emma Grace 
Lucy and Emma playing. They were really cute playing together. They spent most of the night fighting over a ball. 
This was our Sunday Dinner....  Potatoes and Green beans
Baked Chicken, it's suppose to look like that!


Unknown said...

And we are so happy that you will be coming back to Sunday School. We really enjoyed having you there. Your dinner looks great. I would love to have your chicken recipe.

Char said...

MMMMM....... the green beans and potatoes look really yummy! I think I will cook some for our dinner tonight. However, I will have to purchase a chicken from Walmart.


I think we left too soon! Your Sunday dinner looks delicious! Love all the pictures and the play by play!

Delta Bost said...

Lucy, that is the cutest pink camouflage snow suit that I have ever seen! And I am not just saying that because Uncle Dennis and I gave it to you... you make the outfit!
Love you guys!
Dennis and Delta