Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Jonathan and I babysat Taylor and Emma Grace early on Saturday morning. They came over around 8. We had so much fun with them. Jonathan and Taylor talked about Star Wars for 4 hours straight, I couldn't keep up so the girls and I talked about things like Mickey Mouse and Disney Princess'. I hope Laura and Ryan have a couple more work weekend a head of them so that we can watch the kids again! Lucy did really good too but she wasn't too sure about sharing her mommy. 

Taylor making a silly face while petting Whitney (his favorite).
Emma Grace taking a nap in the swing
Don't tell Lucy but Emma loved jumping in her Jumper. 

Saturday Night we went to Fayetteville to have dinner over at Matt and Julee's House! Julee out did herself with dinner. I should have taken a picture of it because it was great. Matt Grilled bacon wrapped steaks and Julee made corn, salad, rolls, and baked potato's to go with it. She also made a white cake with chocolate icing and cookies. Delicious!! I wish I had some cake right now! 

The Boys: Jonathan, Tony and Matt. (and Lucy)
Lucy was a little crabby because it was so late but you could tell that she liked Matt!
Poor Romeo, he was not happy about that silly collar. I am not really good at capturing events because I did not get a picture of Julee or Matt Green. Maybe next time. Julee and Matt, thanks for having us over for dinner and we can't wait to have you guys over to our house. 


Julee said...

You are so welcome! We really enjoyed everyone being here! We can't wait to do it again hopefully soon!

Unknown said...

Lucy- Please tell your mom and dad “thanks for watching my babies.” Taylor sure did have fun playing at your house and talking Star Wars with your daddy (he is still talking about how cool his Uncle Jonathan is). He want even let me take apart the Lego Star ships that your daddy and him built (they are sitting on my kitchen table still, and he made me write the house keeper a note this morning asking her to not break them today when she came over to clean.) Also Lucy thanks for sharing your bouncer and your mommy with Emma Grace.