Wednesday, April 22, 2009

9 Month Check-Up

Lucy had her 9 month check up yesterday afternoon. She is hitting all her milestones perfectly. Marilou expects her to start crawling soon. She has started to pull up on things-including her crib! (yikes) She is such a big girl now. They had to draw a little blood yesterday so they did a toe stick and she didn't cry at all. She did cry when Marilou held her down to look in her ears! If there's one thing that I have learned it's you can't hold down this girl.
9 Month Stats
Height: 29 in. 90%
Weight: 19lbs 6.5 oz 65%
Head: 18 in 90%


DeAnna said...

Yeah Lucy! You are such a pretty girl! It was good seeing you the other day. I'm glad you had such a good dr's visit.

The Timbs Clan said...

YAY Lucy!! Your getting so big
Im glad I got to see you and your mommy at Church this past Sunday and I do believe you gave me a BIG OLE SMILE didnt you!!

Unknown said...

You are such a beautiful girl Lucy. Happy 9 month birthday! Love, Aunt Laura