Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The End of the Elephants...

I am a sucker for Gymboree and their clothing collections. The day I found out we were having a girl I went to gymboree and bought what was left of the elephant collection. I bought it in all different sizes newborn to 12 months. I think today was the last time I will be seeing Lucy wearing her little elephants. It makes me so sad. I guess I will have to find a new favorite collection to stock up on. 

Lucy 1 months old. - elephant sleeper
Lucy and Emma 3 months- elephant long sleeve onesie
Emma and Lucy 5 months old- elephant overalls
Lucy 6 months-elephant hat and elephant shirt
Lucy 8 1/2 months- hat and elephant sweater
I'm going to miss the elephants! :(

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Audrey said...

Oh the 8 1/2 month pic is my favorite! I love the hat and sweater! The first thing I ever bought for Lila was a white sweater with a lady bug in the center from Gymboree. I love their collections!