Monday, May 4, 2009


Lucy got an A+ at school today. Her teachers said that she did so good. She loved playing with the others kids and she actually took a nap. They said that she only got upset when parents started dropping kids off in the room and when she was hungry or wet. They said she didn't cry very long but she did get a little upset. When I picked her up (11:45, I almost made it to 12) she was laying in her crib looking around with her blanket over her and her frog under her arm. When she saw me she started to cry (and so did I) and we hugged for about 5 min. in the room. 
I think we both did pretty good considering it was the longest we have been apart in the last 18 months!

Lucy after school!
Look how cute her outfit is. I am not sure why this is upside down...
I love this kid!



I'm so proud of both of you!!! I know it was hard, but it will get better, I'm sure.

Lucy, you somehow look older already, maybe it was your "school clothes"! :)

Char said...

I love that big Lucy smile!