Friday, May 8, 2009


I just have a couple of updates that I want to record so I don't forget. A lot has happened over the last week.

Lucy has...
-become a professional crawler
-started to pull up on things
-started play school and loves it!
-started drinking formula during the day while at school, still nursing in the morning and at night. 
-started clapping when she hears the word clap, snap, slap, or anything that resembles clap. 
-started picking her nose (ha)
-started sitting up from a laying down position. 
-said Hey Dad!, Hey Daddy!, Autumn and Autumn the dog, and A Dog. These are just the new words she has been saying she has been saying mama, num num, and dada for a while now. 
-eaten strawberries, cake, cake icing and whip cream! 

Right now that is all I can think of but it has all happened within the last week so I didn't want to forget!



Won't she love it someday when she finds out that "nose-picking" was a milestone? :) I would love to see her do that, because in Grandcookie's eyes, she does NO wrong. Gotta see that girl, soon!!
Kiss her and pat her little legs and tell her Grandcookie loves her soooo

Krista Brown said...

Lucy is soo beautiful! You guys are lucky to have such and amazing and healthy little girl! I hope Rena and I get a chance to see her soon. She is such a smart little girl! She has learned quite a bit in just a week! I know you guys are proud!