Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Lake.

We got to spend last weekend at the Manna and G-daddy's lake house. It was a lot of fun. The Coble's were there, Nene and Poppy and even Aaron, Audry and baby Lila came. I can't wait until the next weekend at the lake.

Lucy and Aunt Laura

Daddy and Lucy
Taylor driving the boat.
Laura and Emma
Emma Grace
Whenever Lucy is around Emma she steals her pacifier and pretends like she knows how to use it. Lucy has never taken a pacifier and yes I tried.

To get back at Lucy, Emma stole her sippy cup.

Nene and Taylor
Me and Lucy



Sweet pictures...sweet memories! I can't wait till the next lake weekend either! See you soon!

Unknown said...

Lucy I love it when your mom post three post in one day. I also love the fact that you and Emma Grace put each other stuff in your mouth. No wonder you two are always sick! Ha! Can’t wait till next weekend. Love, Aunt Laura