Friday, July 31, 2009

1 Year Old Dr. Visit

1 Year Old Stats
Wt: 22 lbs 8 oz - 75%
Ht: 31 in - 97 %
HC: 18 1/2" 93%

Today we had Lucy's 1 year old checkup. I always look forward to our doctor visits because we get to see Lucy's new stats! As you can see from the above stats, we have a big girl! Marilou was very pleased with Lucy. She has hit all of her milestones except walking which she said it mostly a confidence issue with letting go. We will see. She was also very pleased with Lucy vocabulary. She said most kids can say 3 or 4 words and was shocked at Lucy's list of words. (Yes I'm bragging, but it's okay when it's about your kids!, ha) Anyway, everything went well and we will get our shots after our beach trip.

I had arranged for Manna to watch Lucy today. I thought she would have her shots and would need some TLC. She didn't get her shots and Manna still wanted to have some Lucy time. I hope she isn't too much trouble since Manna has all three Grand babies today.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Play Hard/Sleep Hard

Today since we were still at the lake we decided to go on a boat ride. I love the lake. I especially love boat rides. Lucy loves boat rides as well. Every time Lucy gets near the boat she falls asleep Which is funny because she never just falls asleep. Here are a few pictures from our ride.

Emma wearing Ryans hat.
Mommy and Lucy
Lucy sleeping
Emma awake
Emma asleep.
Mommy and sleeping Lucy
Nap Time in the boat.
sweet little girls.
Lucy playing in her boat.

Birthday Party Time!!

Updated for Kelly's Korner.

Yesterday we had a big first birthday party for Lucy and Emma Grace at the family lake house. The theme was cherries! Why fruit, well I'm glad you asked... we planned the party around their outfits.(see pictures below,ha) We had a lot of friends and family come up for the big celebration. I still can't believe that my baby and my niece are a year old. My how time flies!!

Lucy and Grand Cookie before the party started.
Happy 1st Birthday sign.
Cherry Red Kids Birthday Party CelebrationGift Favors- Cherry shaped gummies.
Cherry Red Kids Birthday Party CelebrationShirley Temple supplies
Cherry Red Kids Birthday Party CelebrationCherry Smash Cake
Cherry Red Kids Birthday Party CelebrationThe Birthday Cake
Cherry Red Kids Birthday Party Celebration
Cherry Red Kids Birthday Party CelebrationThe Girls.
Cherry Red Kids Birthday Party CelebrationWe dressed the girls separately and when they got together Lucy started to laugh really hard at Emma as if she were saying "Look what you are wearing, how embarrassing." (ha)
Cherry Red Kids Birthday Party Celebration
Cherry Red Kids Birthday Party Celebration
I love this little girl.
Nene, Lawson, and Britain.
Becky and Lucy
Aunt Emily making a silly face.
Taylor the videographer
Deanna and Brenner
Lucy and Emma getting ready for cake.
Lucy Bear
Emma Grace
Smash Cake
Cherry Red Kids Birthday Party CelebrationThe Paparrazi
The Cake
After the cake. I didn't get a picture of it but Lucy loved her cake. She was eating by the handful. We have it on video.
The swim part of the party.
Brenner and Lucy swimming in the pool with a little help from their moms

Laura and Emma
Lucy opening presents
Taking a break
Sweet little girls
I don't know if you can tell but Lucy has a ring in her mouth and he looks silly.

I want to thank everyone who was able to make it again. It truly meant a lot to me that you would trade in your Saturday to spend the day with us and celebrate the girls birthday. I know it will mean a lot to the girls when they look back on this special day!

Happy Birthday Lucy!!

Lucy Abigail is officially a toddler. It makes me sad to think that my baby is no longer an infant but I love to see the little person that she is becoming. Last Thursday was her first birthday and we celebrated with a little party at home. Lucy's favorite part of her party: the Happy Birthday song and the cake. We sang Happy Birthday 20,000 times and every time we sang it Lucy would "shake it." Here are a few pictures from our family party.

Lucy before.
The Cake.
Trying it out, notice the piece of cake.
All gone..
Jonathan and I got Lucy a Go-go for her birthday and she absolutely loves it.

At a year old you are:
  • getting into everything
  • waving and yelling bye bye
  • talking up a storm, you have a lot of words that you say: mama, dada, papaw, manna, yes, no, dog, autumn, and many more.
  • dancing when we say shake it.
  • drinking milk from a sippy cup
  • nursing once a day (I'm trying to wean you but I can't kick the habit.)
  • almost walking but your not brave enough to let go
  • opening drawers and cabinets
  • eating all kinds of foods-favorites include pasta, hotdogs, chicken and fruit. you actually eat everything that we put in front of you. You have always been the best eater.
  • wearing 18-24 month clothes- outgrowing 12-18 sizes.
  • wearing size 4 diapers
  • giving kisses.
  • being the sweetest little girl in the world
Your daddy and I love you more every day! You are our world!