Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Melting Pot

Have you ever eaten at the Melting Pot? While we were on vacation we ate at one in Pensacola. It was so delicious. I think we ate a total of Four courses, which is okay to do when you are on vacation! The melting pot specializes in Fondue foods. The first course was the cheese course. The second was a salad. The third was the meat course. We had to boil our meat in the fondue pot for 2 minutes. YUM! The fourth course was my favorite, the dessert course. Let me go into detail. We had two fondue pots one was full of chocolate and peanut butter and the second pot was full of tirmasu chocolate. We had a tray of things to dip into the pot and it was so delicious! I think the kids even enjoyed the experience. (See Emma Below) Here are a few pictures from our dinner adventure.

Sweet Emma Grace
My sweet sister and her even sweeter kids!

Emma enjoying the chocolate
The boys
Lucy and I enjoyed the experience too we just don't have a picture!

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Char said...

I ate at the Melting Pot in St Louis several years ago - you are right - it is wonderful food and a fun experience.
Love the last picture of the guys -their cheeks bulging with good food. They look like the cats that just ate the canary.
Emma looks like she loved the chocolate part all over her sweet little face.