Monday, September 28, 2009

An Afternoon Snack.

When I went to pick Lucy up I heard a teacher, who was standing in the hallway say, "Here comes her mom." I thought oh no, what has happened and then I heard it. Lucy was throwing a huge fit. I was still walking down the hall and asked why she was upset. They said Well Aunt Laura was holding her and just put her down and now she is throwing a fit. I walked in and two workers + Aunt Laura were all trying to calm Lucy down. Ha, I said new rule Aunt Laura isn't allowed to hold Lucy anymore. It makes her mad when she can't go home with her. (just kidding Laura we love you)

So, since we were all in the same place we decided we should go get a snack. Taylor got to choose. At first he wanted to go to Taco Bell for a cheese roll up. We vetod that. He turned down Coldstone but then decided on Krispy Kreme.

You don't have to twist my arm. Lucy and I had a football doughnut. I ate it but didn't enjoy it. I knew it cancelled out my run from this morning. Oh well I'll just run more tomorrow.

Here are some pictures.

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The Timbs Clan said...

I miss eating donuts there!!! I just love reading about you and Miss Lucy!!!