Friday, September 18, 2009

Best Friends

I dropped Lucy off at playschool this morning and as we walked in we were happily greeted by Emma Grace. Emma Grace waves and smiles so big when she sees her favorite cousin. I put Lucy down and Lucy ran and plopped down to sit next to Emma to have her morning snack. The funny thing about snack is that Lucy loves to eat it even though she eats three pancakes for breakfast at home. The workers told me that the girls are so sweet to each other. Then they told me a story which is actually why I started this post. They said," When Lucy wakes up from nap the first thing she does is goes over to Emma Grace to wake her up." I said,"how does she wake her up." (I was thinking she softly rubs her back and whispers wake up BFF.) Instead they said that she lays on top of her. Ha. They also said that she doesn't wake up any of the other kids just Emma Grace.

Isn't that sweet! Well here is the rest of the story.

They girls have been going from 2 naps a day to one. Needless to say they are cranky when they get home. Laura has told me that Emma has been in the worst mood ever when she would get home like she wasn't getting enough sleep. Well come to find out Lucy has been cutting Emma's nap short everyday.

Sorry Sister!


The Timbs Clan said...

LOL that is the sweetest story ever!!! Those 2 girls are so sweet

Char said...

That is sweet! Two precious little girls!