Friday, September 25, 2009

Two things.

Two great things have happened this week. My Lucy bear turned 14 months old this week and I have officially been blogging for one year now. I am really proud of myself for keeping a journal for a whole year. Most of my journals have 2 or 3 entries in them.

Lucy Bear after her bath
Here are our 14 month stats...
Lucy is...
wearing 18-24 month clothes ( still a little big)
wearing size 4 diaper ( I just bought size 5 we aren't in them yet)
wearing size 5 shoes
dancing when there is music
singing her abc's (she can get to j)
climbing all over the dogs like a jungle gym
talking all the time. She can say many words.
walking and running
getting into everything
going to bed without a fuss
taking 2 naps a day. anywhere from 20 min. to 2 hours
drinking organic whole milk 2 times a day.
eating all the time.
being more and more precious everyday.
Jonathan told me that this is his favorite stage. He said, " we can actually play together now." I agree that it is a lot of fun to play with her now but sometimes I miss my bald headed baby.

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I am one very grateful grandcookie for your wonderful blog entries. It's been the next best thing to being there! Yea Lucy! for all your milestones.