Monday, September 28, 2009

Woo Pig

Saturday we went to Walmart to pick up some ingredients for Chili. I love watching Football and eating Chili. While we were there Lucy got a new toy. Her daddy picked it out for her. I had promised Lucy a baby doll. (she loves babies but the two I have for her are too big for her to carry around) Instead of a baby doll, Lucy came home with this. (see picture below)

Yes, it is a stuffed Razorback. We named her woo pig sooie.

Lucy carried wps around the rest of the day. The End.

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I think that Woopigsooie is a very lovely babydoll. What else could be expected after spending a weekend at the Road Hog Park? Lucy, you've been indoctrinated as a Razorback fan at a very early age!