Monday, October 26, 2009

Arkadelphia Weekend.

This past weekend we went to Arkadelphia to visit Jonathan's parents. We haven't been down there since Christmas. Wow, sorry GrandCookie and Papaw we will try to come more often. We had a good visit. We arrived Friday night and as soon as we got there Papaw had to show Lucy all of the goodies he has collected for her. (and future grandchildren, she is spoiled right now being the only one) Lucy was very excited about all the toys. There was a little john deere car, an airplane, a tricycle and to top it off a puppy. Papaw and GrandCookie are trying to bribe Lucy into visiting more often. I think their plan might work. Here are a few pictures from our visit.

Lucy in the John Deere Car.
The Airplane

The Tricycle.
The Car.
and The Puppy. Lucy loved Miss Ellie.
Lucy also loved the stairs.
Papaw, Papaw Wayne and Uncle Dennis watching the Hog Game.
Becky aka GrandCookie, Faye, Vel and Aunt Barbara.
Daddy, Papaw, Lucy and Sassy the Horse.

I like this picture of GrandCookie and Lucy
Lucy playing the piano.
Lucy driving the Tractor with Papaw.
Saying goodbye. I like that they are all in black.
We had a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to see you all again. Lucy can't wait until Christmas to play with all her toys again!

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It was a wonderful week-end for us also! We had a great time showing Lucy the farm.