Saturday, October 10, 2009

Arkansas vs. Auburn

Today was the Arkansas vs. Auburn game. (side note, I was talking football with Jonathan today and I said something about a game, actually I said I want to watch the Florida vs. LSU game and Jonathan laughed at me saying I didn't have to say vs., he then said just say Florida LSU game.) Anyway, I thought that was a funny side story.

We went down to the road hog park to do a little tailgating with GrandCookie, Papaw, Uncle Dennis, Aunt Delta, The Cobles and Manna. There were a few other people there but I thought I would just mention the usuals. Anyway, Uncle Dennis did a shrimp Boil. I love when he does this! Yummy! I took a bag of leftovers home, we are going to be eating shrimp for 2 days. Here are some pictures from our day.

Jonathan and Lucy
Papaw riding a woo pig sooie stick pig.
Emma Grace eating a popcorn ball.
Jonathan, Taylor and Shane
Emma Grace
The Bost family of three
Lucy in the gogo
Lucy sitting.
Taylor and Ryan
Jonathan and Lucy
Jonathan, Dennis and Shane
Captain Morgan's trio
Laura putting Lucy to sleep. Lucy loves Aunt Laura and Aunt Laura loves Lucy. Aunt Laura is the best baby putter to sleeper. (Yes Lucy take a paci when she goes to sleep... I'm going to break her soon.)
Dennis and his pot
The Feast
The pot/spoon
Lucy eating a cupcake.
The End.


Unknown said...

We had so much fun thank you for inviting us. Love you guys, The Coble's

Audrey said...

I love the beautiful "Bost family of three" picture.