Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Girl.

Tomorrow Lucy has her ear surgery. We are ready to get it over with and get rid of all of our ear infections! We have to get to the hospital at 6:30 and her surgery starts at 8:30. She can't eat after 12 tonight. I can already tell you the morning we are going to have.... Lucy likes to eat first thing when she wakes up. I promised her we would eat pancakes after her surgery.

Speaking of Lucy.... I told her she was going to have surgery and she said I'm out of here.
So she put on her running shoes and she was off.

Wish us Luck tomorrow. We are praying that it is a successful surgery.


Char said...

I am praying!
Let us know how everything goes.

DeAnna said...

The Borens wish you well Lucy! Be a Big girl for mommy in the morning! I'll be praying for a good recovery!

Audrey said...

Lucy I pray that your surgery went well this morning. I know you will get extra love from your mommy as you recover today. I hope you feel better soon! ...and enjoy your pancakes!