Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall Decor

Lucy and I did a little fall decorating today. I wasn't going to decorate but then I thought about all the good memories I had when I little and the house was decorated for a holiday. Good Times, Great Country.... So we decorated! I'm glad we did. It makes the house feel more homey. I also didn't want to decortate because we are trying to sell the house but then I thought that future buyers might walk in and say wow look how homey this house feels. This is just what we need. You never know what people are thinking.

Anyway, On to the decorating

Lucy was my #1 helper.... She did have to quit playing games to help though.
First we put our pumpkin patch pumpkins in a bowl on the coffee table. I put these here so that Lucy could play with them. As you can tell she is thrilled.
Then we went outside and put some sunflowers on the Doberman. (if you know me and you were at the wedding then you might remember the Doberman.)
I went to signed, sealed and delivered and found a wreath that I just loved and it was only $200. So I bought it....
Just kidding, if you know me at all you know I am the cheapest person in the world. I made the one on the door. Yes I still dream of the one at the store but this one will do.

Here is our candy pumpkin.
A boo hanger on the entry china cabinet.
Here is the mantle. All of this stuff will stay up until I take it down and put Christmas up. Oh and that kid is Lucy laying on Whitney.

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The Timbs Clan said...

I love your Fall Decorations You and Lucy did a GREAT JOB!!
I didnt know you were trying to sale your house?? Where are you guys moving to??