Thursday, October 1, 2009

future gamer.

i can has recon?

Lucy loves to come home and put on her dad's headphone. She walks all over the house them on. It is very funny. You won't get the caption above unless you or your husband is a nerd and plays halo. Long story short, there is a special kind of armor and nobody is allowed to get it unless you have special permission from the developers. So, someone wrote in to these developers and said "i can has recon?" They also drew a picture on paint of a halo person. I don't know, now that I have explained it it doesn't seem very funny. Oh well, i can has recon?


The Timbs Clan said...

LOL my kids does the same thing and of course my husband plays Halo and some new war game that drives me INSANE

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

HA! I know exactly what you mean about the husband/nerd/halo/call of duty.... Jason plays ALL the time! What is Jonathan's tag name or whatever you call it? I'll have to tell Jason so they can play online sometime.