Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last Day of School

Friday was Lucy's last day of school. Actually Wednesday was her last full day of school since she had her surgery was on Thursday. So on Friday we just went for recess and brought cupcakes. I am really excited about staying at home with Lucy. I am also really sad for taking her out of school. She loves school. She loves the teachers. She loves her friends. We are going to stay active though. At 18 months she can join Mothers Day Out. There is a group at that reads to toddlers at the library once a week. I found a fenced in playground. We are just going to stay busy. We are looking forward to this new adventure.

Here are some pictures from her last day of school.
We are going to miss seeing Emma Grace everyday.

I love this picture. Lucy with all her friends.

The kids eating cupcakes. Yes they are shirtless. How else do you stay clean?
Emma Grace
Lucy getting ready to go.
Lucy and Miss Ashley singing the shark song.
Lucy's favorite teacher. Miss Kim. We love her. She is our official babysitter. If we ever go out. And there are no grandparents.

The End.



I love all the posts with Lucy wearing her new fall clothes! She looks so big walking in the corn maze!

DeAnna said...

It is so bitter sweet! Lucy is very lucky to have the chance to meet and love her teacher and all of her new friends but she is even more lucky to get that special one on one time with her mommy everyday! You are both very blessed to have this opportunity! and by the way Lucy you look like such a big girl in your coat!

Audrey said...

Congrats on being able to stay home with Lucy! What a wonderful opportunity. I can't wait to read the stories of all the fun adventures with Lucy yet to come!