Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lucy's Surgery.

Lucy surgery this morning was a success! Well the tubes are successfully in, we are praying that they take care of the ear infections. I know that this is a routine procedure but it's not part of our routine so I was very nervous. This morning I wasn't too nervous after we met with all the nurses and doctors who were going to be in the room with Lucy. (I only knew our ENT, Dr. Black)

Lucy did great! We sat in Pre-op for 1 hour and she just sat in my lap and waved to all the doctors and nurses who were across the hall. When it was her turn the nurse took her and Lucy went to her and they walked us to the waiting room and Lucy waved bye bye. She is so brave. The surgery only lasted 6 minutes! The doctor was out before we knew it. He said her left ear looked terrible. I guess that was a better report than the last one where he said they looked awful. Ten minutes later we got to go back to be with Lucy. She was not very happy coming off anesthesia. The nurses said that she was feeling pretty drunk. She was actually a mean little drunk. But once she saw us things got better. We sat in recovery for 30 minutes and then they brought us to post-op. (I know this isn't very interesting but If I don't write it I won't remember it.) In post-op Lucy got to eat Jello, drink apple juice and watch cartoons. After post-op we went home, Manna brought us breakfast and then Lucy and I took a 3 hour nap!!

Here are some pictures from our day.

Lucy and Daddy
Lucy in her hospital gown with Silly Billy.
Our family of three.
Manna, Lucy and Daddy
After Surgery-Lucy and Mommy
Jonathan and I got her a baby just her size for recovery and she loved it. She is holding it in this picture.

Just relaxing.

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Delta Bost said...

I'm so proud of you Lucy! And then a 3 hour nap- that is so great! I hope she feels all better now.