Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We got a new pet! Meet my panda bear.
My panda really likes to snack on popcorn.

Top View
I had to bring the panda to the doctor today and she was not very happy about it.
Lucy bear has two new teeth coming in. They have made her very cranky! On top of two new teeth she has another ear infection. I brought Lucy to the Ear Nose and Throat doctor today to have her ears looked at. He took one look and told me they looked awful. I was shocked. We had just come off medicine to clear up the last ear infection. It seems like every time we cut a tooth we get an ear infection. I told him that. So we are on another antibiotic to clear up this infection and we scheduled an appointment to have tubes put in. I've made peace with this. It will help us get rid of these ear infections for good!

Lucy's tube surgery is next Thursday at 6:30 am. I call it surgery because they have to put her under. I think that is the part that scares me the most.


The Timbs Clan said...

Lucy will do fine in Surgery!! She is such a cutie pie and that Panda outfit is to die for!!
Morgan and Brayden both had tubes mine were a little strange waking up but after the 1st hour they were fine! You guys will be in my prayers!

Julee said...

Poor Lucy! I hate that she doesn't feel good and that she has to have tubes in her in ears! I will be thinking of yall!

DeAnna said...

I just read this blog .... I'm guessing the surgery is over and Lucy will be a new baby after her tubes..... I will pray that all went well and continues to go well!!

Audrey said...

Poor Lucy bear! You will be in my thoughts on Thursday. I know everything will go well and you will be better than new in no time!