Monday, November 2, 2009

Church, Corn Dogs and the Hundred Acre Woods.

After church we went to Chili's to eat lunch. Jonathan and I are a big fan of the cheese dip and salsa. We ordered Lucy a corn dog from the kids menu and she loved it. She thought it was the funniest thing you could possibly eat. Which when you think about it, it is. A hot dog on a stick. Anyway, she loved it. After lunch we went to Barnes and Noble to look at some books. Lucy loved running around in the kids corner. She found a comfortable seat in the Hundred Acre Woods.

Lucy and Her Lunch.

Lucy in the Woods.
I love this girl.


Unknown said...

Lucy you are so cute- I wish we could have gone to lunch with you on Sunday, but I am glad that you do not have the flu. Love, aunt Laura

DeAnna said...

that is the cutest little dress! Lucy, you look so pretty for church!