Saturday, November 21, 2009

A letter.

Dear Papaw,
I was so sad to hear that you had a tummy ache. I was especially sad when my parents told me we couldn't go visit you. I hope you feel better. I thought this picture would make you feel better.
Did it work? Pretend I gave you one of my open mouth kisses... now do you feel better? I will see you soon. Maybe after Thanksgiving before Christmas. I can't make any promises, I'm just a baby. I love you.

Dear GrandCookie,
I quacked at my mom when she told me we weren't coming to see you. I was really excited about having my first Thanksgiving meal. I heard it would be much better than last years menu. (breast milk, yuk.... over-rated if you ask me) Mom did tell me that we were going to see you when we picked up our dogs. See you then.
(hugs and open mouth kisses)



Awww..Lucy, your sweet letters made Papaw and Grandcookie cry tears of joy!!! We were SO sad this morning when we woke up and your weren't here with us as we had planned. But, your picture and letters DID make us feel better. Your mommy is so very thoughtful to send them for you.

Love and hugs and kisses!!!

Unknown said...

Lucy Bear....anytime Papaw sees your face it makes me feel better. I can almost feel the sweet sugar from that kiss on my check. I love you very very much!! You take care of your great mom and dad....see you soon. Love Papaw