Monday, November 9, 2009

Park Play.

Last week Becky and David were in town all week. I always take advantage of poor Becky when she is in town. I use and abuse her. While she was in town I asked if she could watch Lucy so I could clean the house and go to the store. It is much easier to clean and shop when you don't have a 15 month old helping you do everything. Thanks Becky! When I wasn't abusing my sweet mother in-law we would take advantage of the nice weather and take Lucy to the park. There is a nice play area at the promenade and a sandy park in Bella Vista. (I'm not a big fan of sand unless I am at the beach.)

Cookie and Lucy

It is getting harder and harder to get a picture of Lucy she is always on the move.

Side Note-I finally found a minute to blog. Today was the start of Laura and my 5:00 workout at the fitness center. When I got home I picked up the house and realized I had an hour to myself to watch the news, eat a banana and blog!



I can't wait to come back for some more abuse! I love Lucybear time!!

Char said...

I didn't think Grandcookie was feeling abused at all.

Audrey said...

Poor poor Grand Cookie! ; )

Don't you love the pandas at Gymboree? I got Lila that same outfit. I wish I could have bought her the whole collection!