Monday, November 30, 2009

Thursday: Day 3: Part 1: The Parade

We got up early.
Yes All of us.
We got some coffee.
We waited.
We got mad.
We stole a sheet and saved our spots.
We assumed our positions.
We got in our parade stances.
And we watched.

We enjoyed.
We saw.... Cyndi Lauper.
A hot dog.
Sponge Bob.... Lucy really wanted him.
Please come back.
This was the jerk who stood in front of us and smoked. Laura and I made some loud obnoxious comments to him and I told him I was going to blog about him. He left but continued to smoke. Note: we are not against smoking, do it if you want, you are killing yourself- not my concern. BUT do not SMOKE around my BABY or my Sisters BABIES. We will talk behind your back and blog about you.
Lucy and her Daddy still enjoying the parade.
NYPD horse unit.
The big apple float. Cheyenne Jackson was on this. I didn't know who he was. I kept telling people he was a baseball player because there were kids in NY Yankee uniforms. Apparently he was a singer.


I loved the parade. Thanks for the invite Dad! We loved it!

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