Monday, November 30, 2009

Wednesday: Day 2.

Wednesday we headed towards Herald Square to see the Empire State Building and Macy's. We got to the Empire State Building and looked up and decided it was too foggy to see anything so we didn't go up. We did go into Macy's. I love that everything was decorated for Christmas! It made me want to go home and decorate. Here are a few pictures of Macy's!
Outside View. Band stand ready for the parade.
Window Christmas Decoration.
Setting up the stage for the Parade.
Jonathan and Lucy outside.
Lucy Bear really excited.

Macy's Micky decoration.

Emily, Taylor and Ryan.
Inside decorations.
The big mailbox to SANTA.
Taylor writing his letter to Santa.
His list.
Lucy getting a little bored.
A peacock tree. I do a peacock tree and it is never this pretty. Maybe this year I will just copy this one.
After Macy's we headed down to China Town. Once we got there we stopped by a park so the kids could run around.
Jonathan and Lucy.

I love all the street food vendors. Everything looked so fresh.
Crab anyone?

Lucy passed out in her stroller. (which never happens)

I was hoping this would turn out better. Can you see what I am talking about.Look behind the lady with the green bag.

Can you see it now. Pigs. Gutted Pigs. They were just carrying them down the street. Taylor was shocked. He said, "Mom, that makes me so sad I want to cry." Laura and Ryan assured him that it was fake and they were just a movie prop. :)

That night we went to Hell's kitchen for dinner and then to see Mary Poppins on Time Square.
Day 2 wore us out! We were out all day long.

Stay tuned... more to come


Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I LOVE NYC at Christmas time!!! Especially the window decorations!

DeAnna said...

ks for sharing! Looks like you guys had a GREAT time! Happy late Thanksgiving!

Audrey said...

First let me say that I now have the "New York, New York" song stuck in my head. Thx!

Glad you all had such a good time! I am enjoying all the pics. I have always wanted to see New York during the holidays.

...also noticed in the pig picture that you were not the only one with your camera out. Too funny!


What a wonderful memory!!! I'm so glad you took lots of pictures. Can't wait to see more!!